Christian workers express thanks

Thanks and challenge

Geri and Mickey Hennerman (names changed) express their thanks to Southern Baptists for their support through giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering — of which 100 percent goes to support the nearly 5,000 Southern Baptist missionaries overseas.

“It’s been amazing being able to work with women and young girls here in Bangladesh, and we would not be able to do that if you did not give so we could be here and serve with them, walk beside them, cry with them, encourage with the Word — and just so many things that we’re able to just live in, among and with them and do because of your giving,” Geri said.


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  • Plans for the third annual Following the Star 5k and Fun Run are already under way. If you’d like to participate or need other information, contact Christy Godwin at or the Idlewild church office at (704) 847-6565.

  • To get in touch with the Light of Hope Learning Center directors about how you or your church can get involved, email

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  • “As Southern Baptists, you can continue giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and to the Cooperative Program because that helps keep people like us here and helps us to be an extension of them (Southern Baptists),” Mickey Hennerman (name changed) says. “… When someone comes to faith in Christ, it’s not because of us — it’s because of God first, but then [Southern Baptists are] also a part of that; they’re a partner in that by giving to Lottie Moon and Cooperative Program.”


  • Pray that the girls attending the Light of Hope Center in Bangladesh will mature and develop into women of God.
  • Bangladesh is experiencing much political unrest, which often leads to school cancellations for safety reasons. Pray that political strikes will decrease so the girls’ education can continue on schedule.
  • Pray for the Light of Hope Learning Center in this New Year as it faces many changes such as teachers, schedules, different classes and routines.
  • Pray that the girls’ families will come to know Christ and that the Holy Spirit will move in their hearts.
  • Pray for the Hennerman family as they transition to a new city in June and “hand over the reins” of the center leadership to national women.