February 13, 2014

A day with the Singing Men in Sochi

By Byron Stacey

On location

Byron Stacey shares his gratitude to spend the day with the Singing Men of Oklahoma.

There’s a large group of men from Oklahoma here, the “Singing Men of Oklahoma.” There are about 75 of them here, but they make up a larger group back home. Here, they’re splitting up into small groups of about a dozen each and roaming around the city of Sochi, the Olympic Park and the mountain area. They are tied in with the Engage Sochi project.

Their mode of operation is to sing a couple songs in public, then once they have a good crowd, to disperse, share the Engage Sochi pins and make contacts with the folks who gathered to hear them. It’s working. And once they got a group of Russians to share some songs in return. Friendships were quickly formed.

The Singing Men of Oklahoma begin singing in Krasnaya Polyana (Mountain Cluster) in Sochi, Russia, during their trip to the Winter Olympics.

The Men aslo performed at a Baptist church in Sochi during their trip with Engage Sochi.

They’ve been all over the public areas and they always attract attention. They came well prepared with not only songs in English, but a couple of songs in Russian. I watched people wiping tears as they listened. It’d be pretty hard not to be moved when they sing. They have a lot of songs ranging from fun songs (like “Shut de door” and the state song, “Oklahoma”) to worship songs and choruses in Russian.

They also did a church concert. It was amazing. The arrangements and performance quality was wonderful to hear. Really. You should hear these guys.

But they came to minister and to share the love of Christ. And they do that, making conversation, meeting people and sharing the Engage Sochi pins and pamphlets.

It was a short stay for these guys, but they leave Sochi having made an impact for the Gospel. And having made a big impression on this listener. Thanks, guys.