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“Speak up for those who have no voice, for the justice of all who are dispossessed. Speak up, judge righteously, and defend the cause of the oppressed and needy.” (Proverbs 31:8-9, HCSB)
Red light district
Lord, open my eyes
Lisha's story
Life on the Streets
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Nairobi street kids
Street boys
Don't give up
Trapped in labor
Syrian children
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Speak up!Discover ways you can get involved.
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other stories
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speak up
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about us
How else?Discover ways you can get involved.
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STORY: Wanted: Real Men
STORY: Family Faith
VIDEO: Black Belts and Bikers 
Caryn Bishop trusts God to use her and her kids to make a difference in the secular culture of Germany.published Nov 5, 2014
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The Bishops family uses tae kwon do, engaging with the biker community and American football to share the Gospel.published Nov 5, 2014
In a country where prostitution is legal and debauchery reigns, “real men” are stepping up to lead their country back to God.published Nov 5, 2014
“It’s ‘anything goes’ in the Reeperbahn,” says Jason Bishop about one of the most famous red light districts in the world.published Nov 5, 2014
AUDIO: Anything Goes
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Read a missionary’s journey ministering on the streets.published August  13, 2014
INTERACTIVE: Reaching the Exploited 
JOURNAL: Read excerpts from “My Life on the Streets"
There are no quick fixes in the red-light district of Prague, but a worker continues to reach out.published May 21, 2014
VIDEO AND STORY: Flickers of Hope
SNAPSHOT: Sylvie’s Story
Workers are finding ways to share Christ with those who have fallen prey to sexual exploitation and trafficking in Europe.published May 21, 2014
Having been cursed by black magic and under bondage as a prostitute, Slyvie is looking to Jesus.published May 21, 2014
INTERACTIVE: Demand for labor leads to exploitation in Oman
Hunger and hardship are lessened through the love and care that Christian workers provide in West Africa.published April 23, 2014
Street boys in Senegal find bread for their physical and spiritual hunger, thanks to the ministry of a Venezuelan baker.published April 23, 2014
VIDEO: Being boys 
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Migrant workers are the slaves of the modern world.published April  30, 2014
An illustration of a domestic worker’s journey — from her homeland to a life without rights.published April 30, 2014
STORY: Filling stomachs, hearts
INFOGRAPHIC: A domestic worker’s journey
Once orphaned and headed for a grueling life in Thailand’s sex industry, AwnYone (name changed) finds hope in Christ.published March 2, 2014
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PHOTO GALLERY: Exploitation to Recovery
Asia fuels many of the human exploitation industries across the globe. Explore the map to understand how and where.published March 2, 2014
A photographer shares her feelings and experiences while documenting Thailand’s red light districts.published March 2, 2014
VIDEO: Red Light Rescue
FIRST-PERSON: Thailand’s red light districts from behind the lens 
Journey into the world of red light districts and see how Heartweavers is making a difference through sharing Christ.published March 2, 2014
INTERACTIVE: Asia’s Exploited Mapped
After losing her mother and abandoning all hope of pursuing her dreams, a young Syrian now lives for the joy of her siblings.published February 5, 2014
The attempted robbery of a woman by homeless street boys helps her see the boys as God sees them.published February 26, 2014
VIDEO: Making dreams come true - Noora’s story
PHOTO GALLERY: Life on the streets of Nairobi for young boys
Images of life on the streets of Nairobi for a group of homeless boys.published February 26, 2014
Resorting to a life on the streets, many young Syrian refugees become premature entrepreneurs struggling to stay alive.published February 5, 2014
PHOTO GALLERY: No direction home - Syrian street children
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VIDEO: Nairobi Street Boys
Syrian boy sells coffee alongside the sea, unseen by those around him.published February 5, 2014
FIRST-PERSON: Syrian boy selling coffee to survive goes unnoticed
STORY: Gospel offers hope amid Peru’s growing sex industry
Look into the faces of children at risk of being exploited and trafficked into labor in Africa. Pray for them. Pray for those who exploit them.published January 15, 2014
Missionaries work to bring hope to the streets of downtown Lima—to the thousands trapped in Peru’s sex industry.published February 4, 2014
Girls are tricked, transported and trapped into a lifestyle of prostitution that leaves them feeling hopeless and unloved.published January 15, 2014
STORY and SLIDESHOW: Children at risk in Africa
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VIDEO: Tricked, transported and trapped
After fleeing the horrors of war, Syrian refugee children face many new challenges as young refugees struggling to get by.published January 8, 2014
STORY: Bound to unending work
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PHOTO GALLERY: Syrian refugee children at risk
Singer/songwriter Anissa Haney was touched when she heard the story of a young trafficked girl and wrote “Set Her Free.”published January 15, 2014
West African believer Ibrahim Ndiaye (name changed) works hard to help exploited streets boys. published January 15, 2014
STORY: Street boys
Domestic workers come to the Middle East to financially support their families but become bound by the sponsorship system.published January 8, 2014
Reaching 35,000 commercially exploited women is more than a challenge, Belinda Baker* says. Without help, it is impossible.published January 9, 2012
VIDEO: Parents give girls to temples
STORY: Temple prostitution still alive in India
STORY: Reaching commercially exploited women
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Ali left his home country with the dream of a better life for his family that was soon shattered by a single act.published January 8, 2014
STORY: A shattered dream
“Our parents gave us birth and threw us on the street. Men come … finish their job and go.” - former temple prostitute.published January 11, 2012
Devadasis, or “servants of god,” are given to the temple at a young age then raised as temple prostitutes. Hear their stories.published January 6, 2012
VIDEO: Redeeming Rahab
What are you doing in your community? Have you been on a missions volunteer trip among victims of exploitation? Tell us your story!
Volunteers offer free medical clinics to prositutes. They want to see each person as “Jesus sees them” - beautiful.published June 2, 2011
STORY: Nurses help women through clinics
Sex-trafficked woman says she has “no name.” Christian worker explains that Jesus knows every hair on her head and loves her.published May 26, 2011
YOU REPORT: Tell us your stories
STORY: Sharing God’s love with prostitutes
The story of two women - one American, one Indian - who face a challenge in their life that draws them together.published June 24, 2011
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When speaking to the House of Commons in 1791, William Wilberforce spoke concerning slavery, "You may choose to look the other way but you can never say you did not know." Please join us in speaking up for those who have no voice!
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Speak Up interactive prayer guide
This 28-day prayer guide will help you seek God's heart for the oppressed. Use it as you prayerwalk areas of exploitation in your community or prepare for a mission trip to the other side of the world. Become a voice for those who have none!
This printable encourages action in the name of Jesus on behalf of those who have been affected by human exploitation. Please download and share with your chuch, Sunday School class or small group.
Third edition, Feb 5
Coming soon!
First edition, January 8
Second edition, January 24
Praying for the Exploited Prayer Guide
Speak Up Newsletter
Confronting the Exploiters Bible Study
Exploited women need an encounter with the God who can make them whole again — the God who wants to write their story of love, acceptance, and restoration. You can learn the following story and let God write it into your story. And when you meet one of these precious women, give this story to her. You’ll be surprised at how one story of hope and love can pursue someone until she comes back for more. EndFragment
One Brothel - China
More than 35,000 young women in this city are exploited and enslaved. These young sex workers and prostitutes live without knowledge of the Truth that can set them free. You can minister through prayer, discipleship and support for local ministries and a safe-house. Change the lives of young brothel workers. See every red light turned off and the light of Christ turned on in the life of each girl.
Become an advocate
This 6-session Bible study based on Exodus 1-12 raises awareness of the issue of exploitation. It also provides practical ways to reach out to the exploited and vulnerable in your community and around the world. You may choose to work through sessions during a weekend retreat or over the course of a six-week study. You hold the key. Use your one life to make a difference.
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Reaching out to those affected by exploitation (Bible storying set)
More about the movie
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"I felt God whispering in my ear, 'Now you know their names and faces. How can you walk away?'" writes Martha Richards. As a missionary, Richards ministered on South African streets among the trafficked prostitutes, pimps, traffickers and drug dealers. In this journal, she shares the joys, sorrows and struggles she encountered.
More on human trafficking prevention
NOT TODAY the Movie
In the film NOT TODAY the young, privileged Caden Welles has his eyes opened to a dark and broken world that few Americans know. But what Caden finds in India isn’t fictional, and sadly is not unique.
Read excerpts
Project HELP: Human Exploitation
What can you do?
JOURNAL: My Life on the Streets: A Journey of HopeEndFragment    
Through an initiative called Project HELPSM, WMU® identifies a social and moral issue and ties in national projects that help lead the church to address it. During the years 2010–2014, we will explore a condition of the human spirit that has been around for ages—the misuse of our relationships with other people.
Children at risk - Syria Crisis
Sex trafficking in South Asia is a problem of mind-boggling proportions. One recent study revealed at least 2.5 million people are being prostituted in the region -- many of them children. BGR partners in a major South Asian city are providing a transition home for girls ages 8-18 who have been rescued from brothel slavery.
Due to the escalating violence and turmoil in Syria, Syrians are fleeing to surrounding countries. Over half of the refugees are children.
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Seven Sisters Home - BGR
Seven Sisters Home is a registered children’s home in Northeast India that serves girls rescued from sex trafficking. It provides for their medical, psychological, educational and spiritual needs in a loving family environment.
Courage Homes - BGR
Children at risk - Nairobi Street Children
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A dozen boys in Nairobi, Kenya, came off the street through a BGR initiative. A BGR partner requested funds to provide homeless youths with emergency medical training, food programs, job training and housing in an effort to build relationships with them. Please pray for the roughly 70,000 children homeless on the streets of Nairobi. 
Our friends and partners in this effort:
About us
Speak up for those who have no voice, for the justice of all who are dispossessed. Speak up, judge righteously, and defend the cause of the oppressed and needy.Proverbs 31:8-9
Our desire is to "speak up for those who have no voice," to shed light on how God is at work and encourage anyone and everyone to join Him in alleviating human exploitation. We do this by telling stories and sharing resources and opportunities of involvement, from praying to giving to getting involved. Who are we? We are storytellers, writers, photographers, videographers and designers who live in various parts of the world. We are the producers behind commissionstories.com, which is published by the International Mission Board.