December 1, 2013

10 things that happen because you give to Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Ever wonder what really happens to the money you give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering each year? Well, every penny is used to help support nearly 4,900 Southern Baptist missionaries sharing the Gospel internationally. Whether your gift is $2 or $2 million, it combines to help missionaries do things like:

1. Find creative ways to share scripture where there are no Bibles (no translation or illegal to have).

These Creation to Christ Bible story cards are used in East Asia to train church planters in areas where handing out a Bible is illegal or most of the population are oral learners. Other creative ways of scripture planting include puppets, storying, drama, art and music.

2. Reach the hard, harder and hardest places with the Gospel.

There’s a reason close to 3,000 people groups are unreached and unengaged … most live off the beaten path. And we do mean WAAAAAY off the beaten path.

3. Present the Gospel to an estimated 1.4 million individuals in one year.

By the way, this is not enough. We need to increase this number!!!

4. Sing praises to God for the first time in an indigenous language.

Imagine the joy of singing praises to God for the first time in your own language. There’s more to celebrate … many people received segments of the scripture for the first time in their language this year.

5. Take the Gospel to the ends of the earth … err, ocean?

Seriously, odd jobs like goat farmer, scuba instructor, backpacker, master potter, cheese maker, fisherman, etc. all allow for a creative way to reach targeted segments of the world’s population.

6. Work side-by-side and train national partners.

Our task is not only to share the Gospel but to enable others to be “Great Commission” Christians: 141 people groups are engaging their own people inside their country. 153 people groups are going to other peoples inside their country. 41 people groups are going outside their country. Yea team!

7. Baptize more than 266,000 new believers in a single year.


Praise God! Let the party in heaven (and on earth) begin …

8. Start more than 24,000 churches.

If planting churches was really this easy …

9. Work with YOU to engage a lost world.

Southern Baptist churches partner with their missionaries on the field to do everything from medical clinics to discovering an unreached, unengaged, people group. Together, we engaged 133 new people groups this year!

10. Show Jesus’ love and compassion by meeting human needs.

Earthquakes, floods, famine, human trafficking, war, poverty or just plain bad water … you name it and the chances are that we are there meeting needs and sharing Jesus’ love.

See? Combining gifts can make a big eternal impact.  Will you, your church, small group or family commit to supporting a missionary and their ministry for one day, a week, a month or even a year?

•$51,000 a year      • $4,250 a month      • $981 a week      • $140 a day   

What role will you play?