The Best Christmas Gift - Apr 20, 2015
Giving to missions at Christmas had a special meaning when a family’s main gift was for a mission trip for their father.
Apr 7, 2015
Trip to Cuba confirms SBC president’s call to Southern Baptists for “extraordinary prayer” for spiritual awakening in U.S.
Game Changers for Christ - Mar 16, 2015
Former big leaguers help missionaries make disciples of young baseball players, their parents and coaches in Peru.
Game Changers for Christ - Mar 16, 2015
Baseball builds bridges for sharing Christ with Japanese Peruvians, an unreached people group. Find out how and why.
Mar 16, 2015
Southern Baptists ship 83,723 Spanish-language Bibles from U.S. to Cuba for distribution among Baptist churches there.
To the Ends of the Earth - Feb 16, 2015
From missionary kid to village princess: how being inducted into a South American tribe gave a missionary family credibility.
Feb 2, 2015
A boat called “The Missionary” once had an uncertain future. Today she’s forging a partnership with Brazilian Baptists.
Unreached and Restricted - Jan 21, 2015
Struggling in a new culture 30 years ago, Kathy asked God to make her “strong like a lion.” See how He answered.
Unreached and Restricted - Jan 21, 2015
Deep in the Amazon rain forest, a well-beaten path leads to church. Meet some people who faithfully follow it.
Unreached and Restricted - Jan 21, 2015
What is “storying,” and why does it work? An IMB worker among unreached Amazonian people groups shares her perspective.