Letter reveals student’s heart for missions

April 3, 2013 | By Staff

During orientation week, prior to starting his Hands On assignment, student missionary Jeremiah Johnson was asked to write a letter to himself, which was to remain sealed until the end of his term in Mozambique. Due to his tragic death in a motorcycle accident, he never got to re-read his letter, but it was mailed to his parents in Arizona.

“We received the letter on Christmas Eve, 2010, and opened it on Christmas Day,” said his father, David Johnson. “It was the first time we had read the letter and the last words we would hear from him.”

Excerpts from the letter are included below. Click on the thumbnails to view photos and video clips of Jeremiah in Mozambique as you read his words.

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"What are my expectations for Mozambique? That God would show me how to be a witness for him and point out the road for me to follow. ..."